Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flour Butter Eggs and Sugar!

There is just something AMAZING about the possibilities of combining simple ingredients that by themselves can be very bland and boring (like flour...who has ever sat and ate just flour?!?!?) and mixing them into the most divine creations!

I didn't start baking until I was 25 and baking was not really my mother's forte...besides an occasional Sock-It-To-Me Cake or Sweet Potato Pie.  I started with brownies and THE MOST AMAZING french toast in the world. Yes I consider Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies out the box, adding my "secret" ingredient {milk instead of water}, baking. And yes...I am also considering making french toast with store bought bread "baking". But in all fairness it was a really good Apple Cinnamon bread!

When we moved to Georgia I graduated to all types of recipes, lavish meals my then 4 year old would just turn his nose at my presentations and baked goodies to share with all. I figured that's what women do in the south, right? Some were disasters...like those latkes I tried to make. Others made me slap myself it was so good!

That's when it happened...I was bored and trying to find something to make. I had a hankering (I said I'm in the south) for something with sweet potato...but didn't really want to make a pie. Partly because I felt ashamed that I didn't really know how to make pie crust and partly because I had just had sweet potato pie. Then I came across a recipe for pumpkin pound cake. I'm not a fan so I figured I could just try substituting sweet potato and VIOLA! A pound cake was born!

The look on my family's faces when they tasted my very first Sweet Potato Pound Cake was enough of a reason for me to keep on baking up yummy goodness. Since then I've been baking up yummilious cakes, pie, cookies and anything else that starts out with mixing flour, butter, eggs and sugar. Now I've decided to bake and blog. I'm sure you will find my trials and tribulations with trying to make the perfect pie crust and other sugary confections hilarious. Well, one can hope...