Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prankster Wankster

I loved telling jokes and doing pranks as a child but I can't really think of an ultimate prank that I pulled. I was an only child, raised by a single mother, which didn't leave me with a large audience to prank! What I do remember fondly is all of the cool prankster toys and gadgets that we had growing up in the 80's.

We had cigarette bubble gum, gum that tasted like dirt, can of farts, gum packs that would shock you, green slime, fake blood...the options were endless! I thankfully have never had the horror of biting into gum that tastes like dirt but I have definitely given out a few of those packs. I know, I'm naughty.

I think food pranks are the easiest to pull off because no one really expects to bite into something that looks normal and be knocked out by whatever ridiculousness is lurking inside. That's why I think I'll plan a nice little prank for the hubs. The guise? BACON! Bacon-themed items seem to be all the rage right now and just my luck, what did I come across?!?!?!? Bacon Frosting!!!

Just imagine his face when I present him with this beauty!
I'll have to tell you when I successfully pull this off. SHHHHH...don't tell him! Happy Pranking!!!